Thursday, 17 August 2017

I have been thinking about writing a blog for a while, and by a circuitous route I found this account, linked to my firm, and set up by my late colleague, John Storer.
Before I take over then - and write things that would make John roll his eyes at me (it was a talent I had!), I think a few words about my late colleague are very much in order.
Some of you who follow me knew John, and so when I say he was unique, you will smile, when I say he was everyone's best friend, you'll smile even more
He was my friend
But he was even more than that, he was one of the most committed criminal lawyers and supporter of legal aid that there could ever be. He was passionate about what we did and quietly proud of what we at CDA achieved.
Taking up his blog is therefore both a privilege and a great responsibility, and John, I hope in the coming weeks and months, that I'll do you proud, just as all of us who knew you were proud to call you, our friend